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SoCALLive.TV is an interactive, live-streaming video production and event broadcasting service of MobileVideo360, LLC

What services do we offer?

Weekly Live and Recorded On-Demand Video Interviews

SoCALLive.TV is a weekly, live, interactive video cast featuring the inspiring and engaging stories of entrepreneurs, business and community leaders who will share their greatest challenges, successes, fears and triumphs. The show will feature, live chat and viewer Q&A where you will be able to ask questions of our featured guests.

Episodes will be available for free, on-demand, on the SoCALLive.TV website.

Event Recording and Live Streaming Services

SoCALLive.TV a service of MobileVideo360, LLC provides live and recorded event broadcasting services for corporate or organization meetings, conferences and events. We provide all of the equipment, staffing and coordination to broadcast your event with live streaming to registrants. Events are filmed with multiple High Definition cameras and made available in a secure, membership portal after the event for on-demand access by the event registrants. Live, interactive chat and Q&A is also available for those watching the live stream. Event promotional tools, including email, social media posts, SMS/MMS messaging are available to promote your virtual event.

Imagine extending your meeting/conference or event to the many individuals who are unable to attend physically but would be willing to register for live stream access from their office, home or mobile device. Our virtual streaming production services provide a mechanism for you to reach more people, increase your revenues from virtual attendees and make it more enticing for your sponsors to participate with you.

meet the leadership

Our experienced group of professionals is led by:

  • Michael Paule
    Michael PaulePresident and Executive Producer

    Michael (“Mike) Paule is the President and founder of MobileData360, LLC, and the Executive Producer and Host of SoCALLive.TV.  He is a successful entrepreneur, technology consultant, community leader, best-selling author and public speaker. Click on the photo for a complete bio.

  • Shelly Dubow
    Shelly DubowSenior Marketing Consultant and Associate Producer

    Shelly Dubow is a Senior Marketing Consultant with MobileData360, LLC.  and the Associate Producer for SoCALLive.TV. Click on the Photo for a complete Bio.