• Live Weekly, Interactive Streaming Interviews with Fascinating People and Their Stories


      • Live Stream Production Services for Conferences and Events offering Live and Recorded HD Video

what we offer

This is what we offer in our Live, Interactive and Recorded Interview Segments:

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Weekly New Episodes

Each Week, SOCALLIVE.TV will bring you a new and exciting episode featuring interviews of Entrepreneurs, Business and Community Leaders.

Archived Episodes for On-Demand Viewing

Each episode will be available for on-demand viewing after it first airs live. A description of the subject matter discussed will be displayed next to each episode.

Live Chat and Q&A

Each live weekly episode will include live chat and Q&A. Interact with our guests with your questions.

Latest in Live Streaming and Video Technology

Our SoCALLIVE.TV studio includes the latest in Multi-Camera and Video Streaming Technology to provide you with an engaging viewing experience. Virtual sets are available.

Local Studios

SOCALLIVE.TV studios are in the beautiful community of Westlake Village, CA

Full Interview Preparation

Each guest that appears on SOCALLIVE.TV is provided with a full interview preparation process to ensure that their interview will be completely successful and a wonderful experience for both the interviewee and the viewers.

Remote Interviews Available

When a guest cannot appear physically in the SOCALLIVE.TV studio, we can provide a remote interview interface utilizing Skype, or similar technologies.

Full Episode Marketing Tools

Guests appearing on SOCALLIVE.TV can have their upcoming episode promoted through the marketing tools and strategies available through our parent company, MobileData360, LLC.